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Sage Privacy Statement

When collecting information from individuals, Sage advises that:

Sage collects personal information in a digital (electronic) form in order to:

  • Evaluate program effectiveness
  • Accurately and quickly determine program trends
  • Report statistics to third parties, for example, funders. In this case, individuals are not identified.

A United States company, which must adhere to Sage’s privacy policy, provides the software and data storage used to collect, transfer and process personal information. All information is held in a firewall and password protected server located in Ontario. The company is subject to the laws of both Canada and the United States of America, so your personal information could be disclosed if either country lawfully requires it.

If you do not want to give us your personal information for any reason, you have the right to refuse to, however, this can result in Sage’s inability to provide you with services.


Return Policies


A member may withdraw from Sage by submitting written notice of intention to do so.

  1. A Manager or Director may authorize the refund of membership fees. 
  2. The member must provide written notification of the withdrawal of their Sage membership, with a signature.  

Sage Awards Tickets

Sage Awards tickets are non-refundable, however paid tickets are transferrable to other attendees.